Month: February 2012

Los Angeles, CA: The Salton Sea Part II

The drive away from the wind farm and towards the Salton Sea was clear, sunny and easy. But I was absolutely starving. Eager to get familiar with the area and start taking pictures before losing light, I pressed onwards. Though my method of spotting something I’d like to shoot made it even more excruciating. At one point, I swung the car around and backtracked half a mile just to shoot the landscape of some farmland with a mountain in the background.

I arrived at a marina on the northeast side of the lake, home of the Salton Sea boating club. There was barely anyone around, except for a couple motorcyclists on a short break. As I stepped out of the car, the smell hit me like a punch in the face. If you remember, there were those fish die-offs … (more…)