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The good people at WordPress give you the ability to look into your blog stats in pretty specific detail, such as number of hits per day and per post, incoming links, and terms used to search for your blog.

On average, at least once a day people seek advice on what to do when “people think I’m gay,” to arrive at my post on that very subject. In fact, it’s the all-time leader in hits, receiving nearly double the visits of the #2 post, which, surprisingly, was the one about Jake and Steffen trying to sled down a sand dune in Tasmania.

Though for the first time, no one searched for “people think I’m gay” today. Instead, they wanted to know about “sex piss hamburg.” I appreciate their bluntness, though I’m not sure if I really helped him out on that one; all I can say is I did my best. Maybe they’re just overcompensating for being labeled as a homosexual.

Every now and then I’ll also see searches for “shapeshifting jews,” obviously an allusion to the hit comedy “Borat.” I wrote a quick post — one of my first — about how the bed and breakfast he visited in the movie was located in Newton, MA. Considering that the movie was released several years ago however, someone’s either late to the party or there are a lot of really racist people driving around on the superhighway.

I find it comforting to know that the Blogosphere is full of people with such a wide range of tastes and desires. And if they can find a home here at Blogabout, well I say welcome. I mean, who else single-handedly provide for the guy who searches for “best campground in tasmania,” “prostutes in germany [sic],” and “voyeurism in parks”?


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  1. i can’t believe that’s your #1 query leader. at least your site is a bastion of safety in a results set that convinces people that religion/god is the answer. you should take advantage of it and rename your blog ‘not that there’s anything wrong with that…’

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