Amsterdam, The Netherlands: The Day My Feet Got Wet

After the first day, the weather for the next few days was horrible. It made great museum weather, though, so on that note I headed for FOAM, the Amsterdam photography museum. It was a cosy space that was showcasing work from three artists. The exhibits were intriguing and well presented and their in-house cafe served up possibly the best cappuccino I’ve ever had. The best exhibit, and I encourage you to take advantage if you come cross it, was the Hyena Men of Africa by Pietro Hugo. Check it out.

The rain was coming down hard and I realized that I had foolishly worn the wrong shoes. My tough hiking shoes were sitting in the hostel room, and on my feet were my old, faithful, and holey Steve Maddens.

Within minutes my feet were soaked through my wool socks and I was freezing. I wandered around as long as I could before I needed to seek shelter. And where else would I go? I found myself in the warmth of Cafe Zool once again, listening to a kick-ass playlist of 80’s music.

The next day I stayed in for the morning and did laundry. I had lost too many chances by walking away from the machines and letting someone else sneak in, so this time I sat in front of them and waited. But this time there seemed to be a laundry warden there. A woman who worked for the hostel loudly lectured me when I walked in that there were two people in line before me, then I could put my clothes in. Then she explained to me in exact detail what I had to do to clean my clothes.

In the afternoon I went to a bookstore I had passed a couple days before near the Red Light District. I had a book to trade them, one that I had acquired in Cesky Krumlov. I ended up spending hours at this store because their selection was phenomenal. I saw at least 5 books I wanted to take with me, but I settled for two.


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