Amsterdam, The Netherlands: I Wonder If The Display Models Are Cheaper

The Google interview ended up being a flop. I spent the morning ducking rain and going from one wireless hotspot to another, trying to prep for what I thought would be the interview of my career. Turns out the guy wanted some clarification on my resume and instead of asking me the simple question over email, he scheduled a call-time and wasted countless hours of my time. I thought these guys were supposed to be smart? The job ended up being something other than what was indicated in the posting, and not what I specialize in. The call lasted about 3 minutes.

I had checked into a Hostelling International establishment called Stayokay on the other side of town, in the popular Vondelpark. The weather was awful that day so I spent the rest of it hanging out in the hostel.

The next morning I went to the Van Gogh museum, which was a short walk from the hostel. Also nearby was the iconic Reijksmuseum, but it was undergoing extensive renovations and they still wanted full price for the one exhibition that was still open. The Van Gogh museum was the same price, but large and fascinating. It was an incredible collection of the master’s work, conveniently categorized to tell the story of how his art changed with his life.

Afterward I walked from Museumplein all the way to the Red Light District and took some pictures along the way.

I walked around the Red Light Distict for some time, eager to leave before the sun set. As fun as it seemed, it also struck me as the kind of place that can get way out of control. I was surprised to see that the women in the windows along the street were actually quite attractive. Though I later learned its common knowledge: most of the people I told would exclaim “Ohhh … yeah …” and then look away longingly.

I found a small bar called Cafe Zool that served a great selection of Belgian beers and offered free wifi! I enjoyed a tasty beverage, surfed the net, then called it a night.


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