Hamburg, Germany: Umm … No Sprechen Sie Englisch?

On my last day in Hamburg Nugs and I took a train to Blankenese, a town about 45 minutes west of the city. It was a small fishing village known for the network of stairs that connected houses, and another site on Enis’ list of must-sees.

The town was lovely but very quiet. I imagine, like most of the places I had visited so far, it would be much better in summer. There were a few businesses along the water, but it wasn’t clear if any of them were actually open. After walking around the maze of stairs/sidewalks, we sat down for a beer on a floating cafe.

Looking back at Blankenese from the waterfront

Looking back at Blankenese from the waterfront

The view of the river was beautiful, and would’ve been more so were it not for the enormous Airbus plant across the water.

View of the sunset from our floating cafe

View of the sunset from our floating cafe

On the way back to Nugs’, we got busted by undercover transit workers for not having a fare. It would’ve been hard to pull off the foreigner angle since the officer spoke fluent English as well as German.

Fare-dodging was quite common in Hamburg (well … Europe as a whole, actually), and when I arrived in the city, on the first night, when an officer asked us for tickets on the train, Nugget commented on how rarely they check. So rarely that it was the first time in a month it had happened to him. We would buy tickets, but rather selectively. Well, they checked twice the few days I was there. We got caught the second time.


One comment

  1. sucks that you got caught, but i bet fare dodging works out in the long run there. but then you have to be ok with being a bum living off of other people’s sense of right!

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