Header Picture Change #13 and #14: Brussels and Berlin

I’m getting ahead of myself, so much so that not only did I post a picture of a place I haven’t written about, I forgot about the mistake.

The mistaken one, number #13, was Brussels. It was an underpass just south of the Gare du Noord and the red light district. I guess you could call it the rainbow district. You know, without the homosexuality.

The second one was Berlin. From the middle of October to the end of the month, the Festival of Lights took place around the city. All the popular tourist attractions, along with several other private and public buildings, were lit up in freaky colors. This building is the Berliner Dome, on Museum Island, near the center of the city. From across the lawn in front of the building, a projector was … projecting images onto the face of the building. It seems there were probably two projectors in work, because during the scene changes, one half of the building would return to its normal appearance. I managed to catch it between takes.


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