Berlin, Germany: Do I Smell?

My luck seems to have changed, travel was getting easier and more uneventful. To that end, when I arrived in Berlin I found my way to the hostel, Singer109, without as much as a missed train or crosswalk.

The lobby of the hostel looked more like a hotel than anything else. In fact, I had to keep checking the name to make sure I was at the right place. It was just as quiet as a hotel too. I even had the room to myself, for the third time in my journey.  I was disappointed, since I had looked forward to meeting some people and experiencing some of the Berlin nightlife.

I needed to get some dinner, but I didn’t feel like going far from the hostel. Even though I had spent most of the day sitting on buses, trains and station benches, I was tired. I walked back down the alley towards the train station and saw a small stall selling Vietnamese food. The guy running the shop was really friendly and started giving me a line-by-line translation of the menu. I interrupted him and just asked him what he would recommend. He immediately said, “chicken fried rice”. Along with the bottle of beer, the meal only came to 3.70! I was in love …

The food was incredible and filling. I tried to go to the supermarket to buy a couple beers before going back to the hostel, but they didn’t have any refridgerated. I went back to my Vietnamese friend and bought a couple off him. There was a gathering of a few other Germans there, it seemed to be the loyal customers, who questioned me about where I came from and my political affiliations as the owner bagged the beers. One man advised me, “Obama is very good, I think he will win. McCain, the Republicans, they are not so good.” I had never heard so many years of campaigning put so succinctly.

The next day I turned 27.


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