Budapest, Hungary: Night Lights

On Tuesday my wait for museums to open was finally over and in the morning I walked to Buda Castle, where the National Gallery is located, among other cultural and historical buildings. The museum opened at 10, so I walked around the grounds of the castle for about an hour before opening time.

The incredible thing about the castle is that it’s a part of the town itself. Mostly tourist attractions, of course, but people actually live there, and there are cafes, restaurants and shops all throughout the narrow streets.

I wandered around the gallery for some time. There was a great mix of contemporary art, classics, as well as sculptures and church relics. I was very impressed with some of the Hungarian artists in the contemporary section. I walked around again, bought a nice Hungarian pastry and a sandwich, then sat on a surrounding wall, looking out towards the Pest side.

I walked around the grounds some more before heading back down and then walking back to the Pest side. By the way, that white building above is the Parliament house, here’s another view directly across the Duna (Danube in Hungarian):

After crossing the Chain Bridge over to Pest, I walked to St Stephen’s Church.

The inside of the Basilica was very nice. I found out later there was some kind of mummified hand of St Stephen, but I totally missed it. Although just taking pictures of the incredibly decorated interior was good enough for me.

I took a break and sat on a bench outside the church before walking back to the hostel. After having walked literally around both cities for so long that day I was very tired. I fell asleep for a couple hours before waking up and realizing I was late.

See I really wanted to catch the sunset from the Citadel, so when I woke up at 5:15, I raced out of the hostel and up the hill to the same lookout point.

My long wait was rewarded when, just after the sun set, the city turned on the lights and I captured some of my favorite shots of the city, including the one that is now the header picture of the site.


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