Munich, Germany: Round Two

We took a personal day on Thursday and did laundry, watched a movie, had a quite dinner. In fact, I stayed beer-free! It was a much-needed break.

On the following day, however, we decided on spending another day at the Weis’n. Being Friday we figured an early start was necessary to get a table. We wouldn’t have to stand in line outside, but it would definitely help our chances on getting a seat that wasn’t reserved later in the day.

We made it to the Spaten tent at around 10:30 and managed to find the last 6 free seats in the joint. We shared a table with three students from Mainz, a town just outside Frankfurt. The three left and were replaced by another young crowd of about 4 or 5 guys and girls.

It was another fantastic day in a beer tent. We stood on tables and sang loudly with the band, which was the center of attention. We swayed side-to-side, “Prost-ing” with everyone around us and singing along in a language we didn’t understand. Waitresses were hurrying all over the place, and one of them was able to carry about 10-12 steins without spilling a single drop. She quickly became a crowd favorite. Yet again, by the time we left it felt like 3 in the morning, but it was still very early. We went home and passed out, satisfied with another experience at Oktoberfest, and dead certain that a very bad hangover was on the horizon.


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