Boston, Massachusetts, USA: End Act One.

I won’t bore you with the details of my three weeks in the U.S. I spent a few days in Houston, catching up with Soares and all my former colleagues. I was fortunate that so many people were available and in a little more than 2 days I got to see almost everyone. Then, very much like what I did two years ago, I packed up the contents of the Public Storage locker and set off for Atlanta.

My life seems to ride like a wave, with crests and troughs. Lows like losing my passport and getting stuck next to paranoid schizophrenic on a trans-pacific flight are usually followed by some great highs. Like finding out that my good friend Sly recently moved to Atlanta, and I got to hang out with him, Rick and Jill. And then when I drove to Newark I got to see my friend Amanda, whom I hadn’t seen since after freshman year in college, more than eight years ago. I even got to meet her husband and her beautiful daughter Bella.

Finally, I had 9 relaxing days at home with my parents. I spent much of them time packing up the things in my room and the things I brought from Houston.

I know what you’re thinking, that this sounds like the end. The end?? I’m writing this 5 hours away from a flight to Munich.

Act I, Australasia, is over, but Act II, Europe, is just getting started. There’s some new clothes and new gear, but it’s the same old method: one-way flight in, no plan, no end in sight. I’ve got a lot of ideas floating around, but you know my feelings on planning …

And this time I’ve cut all ties, there’s no car, no motorcycle, no storage locker full of stuff. Just me and the backpack.

So get ready people, cause the new adventure begins …


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  1. Hey, stubbled across your blog, obviously noticed your New Zealand adventures. I’m moving there for a year in October, just had a few questions. Did you spend any time in Auckland? Is it really as expensive as everyone says it is? Got any other tips? Hah, thanks!

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