Header Picture Change #10: Margaret River, WA, Australia

I was sitting here trying to figure out what to write next. I mean, I’ve pretty much covered everything. Even though I’ve been living in Brisbane for 6 months, I spend most of my time at work, at the gym, or sitting on my couch. Well … Beth’s couch.

When I visited the site I saw the Churro Guy and suddenly got tired of the header picture. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Churro Guy, I love everything he’s about, I think if we were all more like the Churro Guy, this world would be a friendlier, tastier place. But looking at a picture of a man in front of a picture of the very same man gets old pretty quick.

As I was flipping through my photos to replace it, I stumbled on this one I took at a beach near the hostel where we stayed in Margaret River, Western Australia (… Where Steffen and I stayed, Jake and John slept in the car).

And THEN I realized I completely skipped over the week-long road trip Steffen, Jake, John and I took around the WA coast. There were a lot of good times on that trip, so I figured why not do some Flashback ™ posts on that?

So here we go.


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