Header Picture Change #9: The Churro Guy, South Bank, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

You’re probably thinking right now, ‘What’s with the churro guy??’

Located in the Southbank Parklands in Brisbane are some of the cities most interesting venues and activities. There’s the Cultural Center, which is home to the Gallery of Modern Art, the Museum of Science and the Performing Arts Center and Convention Centers. You can also chill out on Streets Beach, a man-made beach, and a host of cafes and restaurants.

On Saturday and Sunday stalls are set up selling everything from dried fruit and nuts to arts and crafts to wine. I even bought a new pair of earrings there. During my first trip to the markets, I reached the end of a line of stalls and before my eyes lay one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Marvel at the beauty that is the Churro Guy: He’s slinging churros in front of a poster of himself holding the very same churros. Note the handy Churro-pack, $49.99 from LL Bean. I wanted to ask him to get rid of the light beard and bring back the ‘stache.



  1. hilarious that he was actually selling it in front of a picture of himself. you should have asked if you can buy a poster of that – or take your picture back and have him autograph it…

  2. I like this picture. Puts more life into New Zealand than just the scenery. May be the churro guy also needs a burro next to him.

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