Flashback: Wanaka, New Zealand: You Think She Digs Indian Guys?

As I was saying, the first time we attempted the Rob Roy Glacier walk the weather was so horrible it actually barred us from continuing any further on the road. We were all keen on making the most of the day, so on the way back, Ash suggested a drive through the Matukituki Valley (everytime Ash would say that name, he would really emphasize it … “maaa – TUKI TUKI!!!’).

Ash clearly had an agenda in mind: he really did want to show us the valley in all its splendour, but he really needed an excuse to get back onto Shania Twain’s farm property. The winding road led us to the edge of her land, and we parked the car in a cleared area off the road.

It was lightly raining, but the valley looked just as impressive.

(This is where I’d insert a picture of the valley, but its still on the memory card inside my camera, and I just got a new laptop that doesn’t have an SD card reader. So I have to connect my camera to the machine directly … and I didn’t bring the cable with me when I left home)

We were right next to a corner of the Twain property, and Ash knew the way in. We walked through a chained fence (which of course, was already open and we just thought it was OK to hike through there …) and ended up on among some trees seprated from the farm manager’s house by narrow raging river. We walked around the area, I imaging Shania herself would come trotting out and offer us some cookies and a song. After quietly wandering around the area for a bit we got back in the car and drove away, back towards Wanaka.

On the way back we passed the turn off for Diamond Lake. There was a short walk around the lake and up to a viewpoint and since the weather had cleared a little bit, we decided to check it out.

The walk wasn’t too challenging, except for a small segment up stairs. The lookout point was magnificent, giving you a broad view of Lake Wanaka from above Glendhu Bay.

After a couple pictures, we headed back home.


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