Adelaide, Australia: The Wrap-Up

You know what, I just realized that Adelaide doesn’t deserve a separate post for each day I was there, and with the amount I have left to write about, I can’t afford to split it up. Therefore, I’ll just cover the major news.

If We Were Denied One More Time, We Would Get A Free T-Shirt

On Wednesday we made our second attempt to penetrate the walls of Adelaide’s casino. Steffen, myself and Nadja double-checked Sophie’s footwear, and we set out. We approached the main entrance and the doorwoman asked to see our ID. When I produced my ID, she shook her head and told me I needed to give her my passport; Steffen too. Of course, I didn’t have my passport on me. I never carried it. The only time it’s ever been asked for was at Sydney International Airport, and they had good reason to do so. I explained this to the woman and she was unflinching. Apparently, there’s a law in South Australia that if you look under 25, you must produce appropriate ID. If you don’t have ID, regardless of how old you are, you can’t come in. It’s one of those don’t-ask-don’t-tell policies that protects them if an older looking underage person manages to sneak by.

The four of us decided to try the casino’s side entrance, from which we had been denied the previous night. As we walked up to the doormen, one of them smiled and said, “So, let me guess, you guys didn’t have your passports and you got turned away from the front entrance, so you thought you’d try the side.” Damn!

He explained to us the under 25 rule and we tried to get him to bend the rules for us. Drivers licenses are valid for driving in Australia, and are valid forms of identification. There’s no reason it shouldn’t work at the casino. On top of that, one of the doormen was actually born in California, and has a Cali driver’s license. The casino doesn’t even accept their own employee’s form of ID. Ridiculous.

I asked to speak to their manager and she was equally steadfast. But after getting her to admit that it was a stupid rule that they were using to cover their asses, I was satisfied enough to leave.

We headed to the same bar as the night before and had a drink before they kicked us out … at 12:30. Our thirst only peaked, we veered left before the hostel and found some people on their way back from a session. They said there were some bars and clubs down the street that may still be open (correction: A bar and A club). The first bar we found was about to close, but the bartender said that we had two other options: a gay bar across the street, and a gaming lounge that would let us sit and enjoy some drinks without having to play. Steffen gave a strong thumbs down to the gay bar, so we sat for a drink at the gaming lounge before resigning in defeat.

Goodbye, Good Riddance

Thursday afternoon was my flight to Perth. I spent the morning taking care of last-minute errands. Sophie and Nadja had decided to team up and try to head North together, into the outback. They met a French couple at the hostel who were looking to get rid of their car, and the two girls wanted to buy it and drive to Alice Springs; they had exhausted their search of a rideshare in that direction. Steffen was in search of someone with whom to share the ride to Perth. He had found a person he described as a “crazy German girl”, but no other promising applicants. I felt bad leaving him behind, but I really wanted to get to Perth quickly and try to find some work, or if I couldn’t, head to Brisbane and meet up with Brad and Phil. With my tourist visa expiring on the 24th of March, I didn’t have much time left.



  1. That’s BS… Sammy J doesn’t need a passport to enter a casino. You should’ve thrown some snakes at them.

    Although, I hear it is the same way in France, too.

  2. hello there,
    im from rAdelaide!
    i also think its quite boring…but you have to know your way around, otherwise you end up in gaming lounges…..also, the casiono’s stupid you’re lucky you didnt get in ;)
    anyways LATERR!

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