It’s Like The Playboy Mansion Of Photo Hosting Websites

I was recently told by Ed that in order to download the original copy of any of my pictures, you need to be a registered member of Yahoo. And yes, it was true. Disgusting! They’re my pictures damnit, and I’ll let whomever I want have the originals without becoming one of Yahoo’s minions.

To that end, I searched for another photo hosting site that offered unlimited space with the benefit of access to the original uploaded files. Most of the free ones were laden with ads and offered poor interfaces, so I sprung for purchased space on SmugMug. The interface is quite nice, they let you store as many picture as you want (which are backed up in 3 different states, protecting that picture of a wallaby eating pasta in the event of major continental catastrophes), and not only are the originals available for download, but you can also save versions of different sizes.

The new URL for all my photos is:

Take a look, play around and let me know what you think. I’ve paid up for a year of service, but I’ll certainly file away any gripes and take them into consideration when renewing my subscription. Although keep in mind the thought of having to upload and organize 1200 pictures again carries a lot of weight in the “Pro SmugMug” column.


One comment

  1. That’s the same website we used for our wedding pictures and now use for everything else. It’s pretty nice, rather Jen really likes it. I seldom go on to our account. Glad to hear things are going well. Drop me a line or an email sometime.

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