Tasmania: The Road Starts Here

Everyone I had spoken to told me that I just had to go to Tassie. The national parks are supposed to be phenomenal, the landscape unparalleled and the history gripping. In my mind, I had built up an image of Tasmania being very remote, with large areas of unspoiled land, very small towns, pristine beaches and perfect weather. I was right on most accounts. But even more, I imagined it being very rustic and almost foreign. It was hard to believe Tasmania is one of the Australian states.

Indeed, many of my assumptions of both the land and the trip itself would go flying out the car window. And after I get through the whole story, I’ll give you my final thoughts on Tasmania, and an honest, accurate and detailed recommendation.

Some of these stories are ones the four of us couldn’t help reliving even before we had even finished the trip. During the course of backpacking, you tell a lot of people that you’ll keep in touch, knowing the chance is likely you’ll never see that person again, but Jake, Ben and Steffen will always be people I’ll keep in touch with. After spending 15 days never more than 20 feet away from someone, it’s hard not to.


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