San Francisco, CA: L-1 Day Prior To Launch

So these are my last 24 hours in the U.S. and A., as Borat calls it. The last few days have been rather uneventful, filled only with wanderings in the park and viewings of the Giant TV. Ah, but the next few days are action-packed.

When I reach Fiji, I’ll be staying at the Horizon Beach Hostel for at least the first night (only $9!). I get into Fiji at 05:15 AM on Thurs., so after a quick nap I will explore Nadi. The following day I’ve reserved for the Mamanuca chain of islands. These are, evidently, the “postcard” islands — with white sand beaches, good-looking Europeans, and expensive resorts. I’m on a budget, so I’m really only interested in the first two. I was also thinking (maybe on Saturday) of either a trip to Vanua Levu (Fiji’s second largest island), or the closer (read: cheaper) Nausori Highlands. According to Lonely Planet,

The village of Navala is perhaps the most picturesque in all Fiji. the buildings are traditional bure arranged around avenues with a central promenade leading down to a river.

Here’s a nifty little map for those of you who know nothing of the geography of Fiji (myself included):

I will, of course, be staying away from that little red dot named “Suva”, since I doubt they’ll be dancing in the streets right now (and if they are, it’s because a soldier is shooting the ground around their feet).

(On a side note, although it took me a while, I found out after I started working in Houston that the L- designation is given to greater time lengths, whereas the more familiar T- moniker is applied to time limits on the order of hours and minutes. Though in reality they are used interchangeably.)


One comment

  1. does the hostel have scrubs running 24/7?

    looks like you’re going to get your fill of islands in fiji doing some (literal) island hopping.

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