Fiji Fiasco: On Like Donkey Kong

Never ask a man without a job and anything to do to decisively make and adhere to any plans. With the conviction of a true nomad, I have gone back on my plans to scrub the Fiji trip and will be spending 3 1/2 days there. So here’s what happened:

On the advice of my crack legal team, I’m not going to let AllState ruin my life and plans any more than they already have. Although the settlement is still pending, I’m leaving for Fiji from LAX on Tuesday December 19, reaching Nadi on Thursday morning. Then on Sunday the 24th, I’ll head to Sydney. Anything that needs to be done regarding the insurance settlement, I’ll do from Sydney itself.

Rick D. forwarded me some articles about travel to Fiji last week that were pretty interesting (don’t have ’em anymore, but here‘s another one pro-travel, and here‘s one a’gin it). Although Suva was pretty much locked down by the military, most of the other cities and major islands haven’t been affected by the coup. In fact, travellers who stuck to their plans and went to Fiji for the holidays are living it up in the absence of crowds, lavished with cheap or free food, massages and accomodation by the struggling tourism industry (someone say freebies?).

Now that I have tickets that I might actually use and a near-future plan, I’m extremely excited. San Francisco has been a blast, but it’s time to move on. Shame, though — the weather just started getting better around here.


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