San Francisco, CA: Wait — If You’re Here, Who’s Lap Did I Just Sit On?

Yes, I’m still in San Francisco. AllState is being less than helpful in resolving this settlement, so I’m delaying my departure until I can confirm a check or attache case is on the way. And to make things worse, the weather has been equally uncooperative. Compounded even further by my brother being gone on business, the last two days have been spend shuffling around the apartment finding things to do. I’ve come up with a sort of activity list that I choose from, tell me what you think:

  1. Watch TV
  2. Re-Watch recorded TiVo-ed shows
  3. Pretend to read, then fall asleep on giant bean bag chair (affectionately called a LoveSac)
  4. Drink

I’ve managed to hold off on number 4 until the evening, but my will to put up with ‘Scrubs’ and the LoveSac for 16 hours is only so strong (OK fine, you caught me, I could watch Scrubs until the end of time).

Although, this weekend more than made up for any partying I’m missing. On Saturday, we went out for dinner with friends and then to a bar-party for Mary’s birthday. But here’s where things got interesting: when my brother and I walked into Lucky 13 on Market, we were surrounded by Santas. Yeah, Santas. And these guys were wasted and smelly. We caught one of them getting to know way too much about someone clearly not the missus. Actually, I got a video of him :)

Anyway, we didn’t really figure out what the deal with the Santas was, but we had a good time nonetheless. I was a self-portrait fiend, here’s a picture of some of my victims:

That’s me, Mary’s friend Jess and Mary herself.

After the bar, Mary, Jess, Jess’ boyfriend and I went to a house party around the corner. I arrived at the gate guarding the stairs up to each of the townhouses when who should I spy? None other than Ruth, a friend of Andrew’s I met during my stay there two weeks ago. At the time she mentioned that she lived in Oakland, but I never even thought we’d see each other again. Ruth recognized me too, though I felt she wasn’t quite as thrilled by it. We exchanged the usual “Huh — small world” remarks and moved on, but I thought about it again the next day: that was the second time something from my Blogabout past has returned. The first was the Polar Bear exhibit at the NYC Museum of Natural History, a picture of which was seen recently at the SF Museum of Modern Art. Queue the creepy music!

Mary and I hung out at the party for an hour or so, then decided to call it quits. We shared a cab back home (oddly enough, she lives only a few blocks from my brother’s apartment).

I leave you tonight with this, a picture of The Last Santa. After the others left, this one stayed back to shoot pool and make out with his hussy:

Stay tuned for tales of my Escape From CA, and the last few days of tempted alcoholism.


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