Fiji Fiasco: Scrubbed!

No, not the shuttle launch, that was only delayed once and was successfully completed on Saturday. To my peeps in Houston, good luck. By the way, anyone know why there’s still a cloud cover constraint even though it’s a night launch?

Anyway, I have officially scrubbed the trip to Fiji. Notwithstanding the current political climate there, I had to put off any travel for about a week while I wrap up the insurance settlement for my motorcycle accident. I should be OK to leave next weekend, but changing the flights might result in delay until after Christmas; the season for travelling to places like Nadi and Sydney has started.

But I’m not too upset about it. This is, after all, a journey to understand different lifestyles and cultures, and seeing one at it’s worst may not be the best introduction. Plus, I really need the extra time to set everything straight so I’m not bothered by it months down the road. I might plan a visit to Fiji sometime in the future, perhaps for a weekend away from the grueling life of a fruit picker.


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