Fiji Fiasco: Coup-ld You Kindly Hand Over Control Of The Government? Thanks!

Well, it’s official. Military commander Frank Bainimarama has taken over control of the Fiji government as President, and placed Prime Minister Lasenia Qarase under house arrest.

Super. Although the entire world, including New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain, has denounced the action, Bainimarama still plans on replacing Qarase with an interim PM until democratic elections can take place to appoint a full-time caretaker. Hmm … anyone know how hard it is to get a work visa for Fiji?

So what effect does this have on my plans? Well, as of right now the State Department website has not issued any travel warnings regarding Fiji, so I suppose I’ll still go. However, I’m still working out the final details on my insurance settlement with Allstate for my motorcycle accident (I had hoped this would be resolved a while back), so I may end up delaying the trip by a few days anyway.

Either way, I’ll fly into Nadi as a stopover en route to Sydney. Stay tuned for pictures from a lovely Fiji POW camp.


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