Hood River, WA: A Weekend At Ed’s, A.K.A, “Chinatown”

Spent a nice, quiet weekend with Eddia, Peter and Yvonne in Hood River. No late-night casinos, all-night drinking, or anything else that requires a hyphen, just what the doctor ordered. As far was mountain getaways are concerned, HR holds it’s own with the best of them. I’m pretty sure I was the first Indian to grace it’s land with my presence, but Ed and Yvonne had me beat by being the first Asians.

There are two main roads: one has small-town cafe’s, sports shops and restaurants; the other has a Mickey-D’s, Safeway and Subway. And, yeah, that’s about it. The Full Sail brewery is apparently down the street from Ed’s house, but we didn’t have the chance to head down there.

Peter and I drove down to HR on Friday night, and spent Saturday with Ed and Yvonne, drivng around town. Here’s the view outside of Ed’s office. Apparently, HR is huge for kiteboarding, skiing and snowboarding.

Indeed, Peter bought a snowbard, boots and bindings while we were in town.

Although, the picture above was taken is actually called White Salmon (I kept seeing signs for it and thought White Salmon was a delicacy of the area).

We bought a bunch of meat on Saturday (White Salmon was sadly unavailable) and grilled at Ed’s that night. Today was my flight to San Francisco, except the original flight at 2:15 was cancelled due to mechanical problems and I ended up taking the 6:30 PM flight out. But it all worked out: waiting around at the bar, I met a nice woman from Sydney named Carol, who gave me the low down on the land of Oz.

I leave you tonight with a cute picture of Eddia’s somewhat psychotic dog Joey. He snores like a Teamster and has this thing where he likes to bite women, quite the ladies man. And Yvonne has the scars to prove it!

There’s not many of them, but you can get all the Hood River pics here (Ed took several of Joseph).


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