New York, NY: The Gnocchi And Duck Ragu Was Just THAT Good

Sunday evening I left Bridgeport and took the Metro-North to NYC. I stayed with Andrew that night in his Brooklyn apartment. After dropping my stuff off, we biked to a local bar that has a ping-pong table on their back patio. Just like old times!

A couple that was watching Andrew and I became interested and agreed to some doubles play. I was paired with the girl, Ryan, and Andrew was with Will. Will wasn’t too bad, but Ryan definitely needed to work on the fundamentals. Ryan had earlier taken an action shot of me with her camera, so I thought it was only fair that I get a picture of them before Andrew and I left.

Biking to another bar, closer to Andrew’s apartment, there was suddenly a loud BANG! My enemies must’ve found out I’m in NYC! The bike became sluggish and Andrew suggested my tire might’ve blown out. Upon further investigation, I concluded that I hadn’t been shot at, but a hole the size of a knuckle had materialized on the front tire. The rest of the trip to the bar was walking alongside my now useless bike.

The next day Andrew and I went to Rebecca’s place to unload the small child I had been carrying on my back. Bec suggested taking the Staten Island Ferry back and forth for some good views of the city. Without anything else to do, it sounded like a decent idea, and it was! I’d now show you this great “retro” picture of Manhattan from the ferry, but I accidentally stored it on my camera’s internal memory and can’t get it out of there without the USB cable (which I forgot). Guess you’ll have to wait a year or so.

Rebecca met up with us later in the West Village for dinner and some drinks. Her friend Drew also joined us, and we went to Po, the former Mario Batali project. I had the delicious entree mentioned in today’s title. Walking around the village after dinner, Bec and I spied a tattoo parlor and were suddenly taken with a desire to get inked. We were looking through the art books when I started feeling really hot and light-headed. I started making my way to the door to get some air …

And that’s the last thing I remember until I saw Rebecca and Andrew staring at me with worried expressions in one corner of the shop. They helped me up and …

That was the next last-thing-I-remembered until I was once again looking up at them, this time on the sidewalk in front of the store. They told me I fell backwards into them and passed out in the store. Then, after they helped me up, I fell again outside for a good 4 minutes. The ambulance came and checked my vitals and decared me OK. They suggested I go to the hospital, but I declined. Not sure what happened, but I hadn’t really ate much that day and was walking around alot; Maybe my body didn’t quite like that treatment, and it just needed a reboot.

I was supposed to meet up with Tarik later that night, but got very angry stares from Rebecca when I made any remarks about rallying. I broke the bad news to Tarik, and Bec, Andrew and I watched Wedding Crashers until bedtime.

The next day I spent several hours at the American Museum of Natural History; check out this blurry picture of some kind of skunk. It freaks out it’s predators by doing a handstand, and sometimes even starts walking like that! Way to go, little dude!

That night Becky and I went out for a burger and rented Clerks II (very disappointing, by the way). My flight to Seattle was at 8:30 this morning, so I left Rebecca’s at around 6 AM. You can find all my pictures from New York here.

I leave you tonight with a picture of Peter-the-Cheeter, waiting for the bus in Seattle’s worst winter in 200 years (WARNING: made-up fact). Interestingly, this is a picture of what the students call “The Ave”, which is actually University Way, not an avenue at all.

Stay tuned for pictures of the Seattle Museum of Flight, which “includes more than 150 historically significant air- and spacecraft, as well as the Red Barn, the original manufacturing facility of The Boeing Co.” Do you think I get a discount?



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