Bridgeport/Milford, CT: Fortunately, All My College Finals Were Open-Pie

Check out the view from Sly’s place in Milford, fantastic!

Stop yourself from asking him what his rent payments are, unless you enjoy a good cry.

Saturday night was spent with Sly, Sheldon and Park. It was a quiet, low-key night, reminiscent of old times in Ann Arbor. Well, the quiet, low-key times in Ann Arbor, at least. Until we reached the Black Bear Saloon, where we encountered a certain … incredibility:

The angle makes it difficult to read, but the sign says “Saturdays College Footbal Bonanza every GAME!! 2 for 1 Wings. $3 Coors Light Pints till 9PM.” Naturally, we inquired about the deal. The waitress went to ask her manager, and returned saying that it only applies to college football games. A game was on the big screen just a few feet away, and we were there to watch the USC-Notre Dame game, of which we alerted the waitress. She again went back to consult with her manager and then returned to say the deal is only applicable on Sundays. Each of us turned and looked at each other, then at the sign above, and also at a sign that listed a similar special for Sundays and NFL games. Our waitress was unwavering in her belief that the deal only applied to College Football games on Sunday. The others dropped the issue and succumbed to paying regular price for their wings. I wasn’t ordering food (and thus was out of food preparation-related retaliation), so I asked if the deal used to be for Saturdays and recently changed to Sundays. The conversation stopped there because the poor girl used the I-just-work-here excuse and I lost hope of half-priced wings for my friends.

The next day, Sly and I went out Frolf-ing on the grounds of Fairfield University. I think I finished +28, on a 12-hole par 3. I blame it on the wind.

I was so happy I got to see those guys, and consider myself very fortunate that my friends have all made an effort to see me one more time before I leave. My time in CT was finished with sushi and a fortune: “Common sense is instinct. Enough of it is genius.” Kinda fitting, no? I’ll definitely agree that common sense is a valuable commodity in this world, and would be immensely useful on my travels.

A quick, final note, and to explain today’s title: I read recently at Megnut’s food blog about an American Pie Council poll that discovered 65% of Americans enjoy pie au naturel, while the other 35% prefer it a-la-mode. Wait, American Pie Council? I wasn’t aware that we had formed a pie lobby group, though quite frankly it’s about damned time. Curiousity peaked, I ventured out into them internets and found their website. Did you know that Januray 23rd is National Pie Day? Well, the APC even has a list of ways to celebrate that glorious occasion. I leave you today with my favorite suggestion:

Stage kid’s pie activities: … Teach American and world history, math and science through pie.”

Close seconds (get it? seconds of pie?) were “quote pie poems” and “publish pie memories”.

See all the Bridgeport pics here, and stay tuned for tales of New York City and the first visit by an ambulance.


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