Gear Re-up!

So the Marmot jacket didn’t really work out. The fit wasn’t the best, since I would’ve needed somewhere between a medium and large (my arms are disproportionately long compared to my upper body, kinda like a gorilla; see portrait for clarification). Originally, I planned on only exchanging it for the black Marmot, but I ended up just returning it and going with a North Face combo of …

The fleece, a standard-issue. The medium fit perfectly, even the sleeves! I went searching for a North Face shell to wear over it, and found …

The North Face Mountain Light Summit Series Jacket. It’s Gore-Tex too! And ohhh … the fit … was just fantastic, I felt like a real homosapien. Though the jacket was attractive enough, I guess it made me a metrosapien. Even over the fleece it wasn’t too stuffy or constricting, more than what could be said about the Marmot. The big drawback was the price, which — without disclosing the numbers — was a little more than I wanted to spend. But who cares, being an REI member I can return it a year from now, no questions asked. And if I ever decide to climb Everest, at least I’ll already have a coat for it. Bonus!

I got some other small things too: locks, a carrying case, a towel; but the last cool purchase was …

A knife! A Gerber multi-tool. I was indecisive in choosing between the Gerber and a Leatherman CS4, but a major selling point was the spring-action pliers on the Gerber, which bounce back after clasping. Also, the guy at REI was telling me how he was given one when he worked for the park service, and got to keep it when he left. If it’s good enough for the park service, it’s good enough for me.



  1. I assume that you are using the outerwear up in Boston as it is a little bit cooler than in the south but what will you be using the multi-tool for???

  2. Yes, that tool looks cool! I plan to visit the place in N Hampshire where they sell stuff confiscated from unsuspecting travellers at security gates. Maybe I can get a bargain on this tool.

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