It must be all the sunshine, clear water and beach property …

… that makes these Fijians so testy and mutinous. Evidently, the military leader of Fiji is threatening a coup against the current president because of the latter’s lenient attitude towards criminals of that last coup six years ago (during which the former almost lost his life!).

I’m hoping these folks have it all sorted out before the 9th of Dec., because civil war would seriously harsh on my buzz. Speaking of which, you would think that with all that Kava they drink down there, they would eschew military conflicts for dancing and clapping.

Kava is their national drink and, it seems, also a mild narcotic. From Wikipedia:

The effects of drinking kava, in order of sensation, are slight tongue and lip numbing caused by the contraction of the blood vessels in these areas (the lips and skin surrounding may appear unusually pale); mildly talkative and euphoric behavior; calming, sense of well-being, clear thinking; and relaxed muscles).

And, to drink it properly, one should clap once, clasping the hands, take the cup, and drink the yaqona in a single mouthful, before returning the cup to the bearer, clapping three times, and saying the word maca.

Cool, huh?


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