*This* picture is worth a thousand bucks


Well, about $900, to be precise. Yes, friends, I have finally purchased the first tickets of the rest of my life (note to self: that phrase does not work in the world of airline travel). As you can see, I’ll be flying from San Francisco on December 9, 2006 to Nadi, Fiji (via LAX), arriving on the 11th. Then on the 17th, I’ll fly from Nadi to Sydney.

OK … so I guess this is real now. Time to hit Lonely Planet.


One comment

  1. From your recent United States experience, My advice to you is to get to the airport as soon as possible before some city, state or government employee dissolves all your plans!!!

    BTW: the incident you got pulled over for is what we call “DWB”, “Driving While Black”, of course in your case it was DWI, Driving while Indian.. ;-}

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